Monday, December 7, 2009

Steeple Engine

Near the end of October a model of a Steeple Engine was completed. The plan was acquired out of the book titled Historic Engines Worth Modeling, by Anthony Mount, an Englishman. The reason for picking this one was that it had a different kind of connecting rod than and that I have built so far. The design provides for a shorter engine than the usual cross head arrangement. The author stated that it was designed as a marine engine, however the only ones ever built were used on land. After studying the plans, I determined that by changing the plan slightly, all I needed to make was a steeple pattern. For all the rest I was able to use existing patterns that I had made for other models. As can be seen in the video it is a smooth running engine.


trent said...

thats really cool man, how do i build one? i'd love to use steam power to power all my stuff in my workshop (island in the sea of time style).

Ron Pugh said...
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