Thursday, January 26, 2012

Double Head Bolt

I made a double headed bolt as seen above, and I think I got it right. The nut fits well and turns freely along the threads. The problem that I have encountered is that I cannot figure how to get the bolt in a hole. Got any ideas????

Friday, January 6, 2012


The first model of 2012 was completed yesterday, Jan 5th. That is not quite January first, but is might still qualify as a New Year Baby. The plans were authored by Henry Frostick and published in the December 1961 issue of Popular Science Magazine. It is not a scale model of any particular prototype. The above shows it while under construction. In contrast to many of my recent models, this one was constructed mostly of steel and stainless steel. Brass was used only for the moving or wearing parts. The pattern on the block is called "engine turning" or "jeweling". It is done by pressing a spinning rubber bonded abrasive against the metal over an over again, indexing the part slightly each time.

It has already been given a spot on one of the shelves in the display room, and it seems to fit in very comfortable, just like it belongs there.

Like most open steam engines it has some interesting motion. Take a look at this short video