Wednesday, January 22, 2014


About the first of the year friend Lowell got a new Dremel tool, and when a friend gets a tool, I want one too, besides, anyone who is anybody in hobby circles has a Dremel, so that was reason enough for me to get one too.
When I got it home I had to use it for something to justify it's existence, so I carved a cow out of a block of wood, looking at images from the internet as a reference.
Followed by a little milker person sitting on a stool. His arms were formed out of metal, because people who milk cows by hand get real "strong" arms.
Then came the tail. Cows are always swatting flies with their tail, and also the milker who is milking them. There is a bucket to catch the milk and then machinery under the platform that makes everything work, and last of all, a gaudy paint job. I'm not sure what kind of a cow it is, but suspect some kind of  cross breed. I've been told that Artists are licensed to paint things any color they want.