Wednesday, March 14, 2012


In 1856 the Swedish steam ship named the Eric Nordevall sank and laid on the bottom of a lake until the 1980's when divers found it. A replica, the Eric Nordevall II has been constructed, and there is a lot of information, videos, etc, about it on the Internet if you care to look it up. The ship was a side paddle wheel design powered by two engines. This model engine designed by Mogens Kilde is not a scale model of the originals, but was inspired by the original, and has a number of similarities to the original. A construction article was published in The Home Shop Machinist in 2008. It was fun to build, and is a most interesting little machine to look at and watch in operation. Much to my surprise it took off running the first time air was applied without any adjustments or anything.

Display space is getting scarce, but I found a place to squeeze it in, it only has a foot print of about 2" x 4".