Sunday, July 10, 2011

Spiritual Living

Gardening hint of the month: Growth Stimulants

The Begonias seemed to be a little puny this year so I made a trip to the Morgue and got some fertilizer. It is cheap and they have plenty. They will give you for free, all you want of people who do not pay their bill.

The Begonias ought to really start growing now, maybe even pass up that big green flower.

Actually the inspiration for this one came from the cover picture of a book that I had ordered.
It looked like someone had been smashed by an old cast iron bath tub.
I searched for a manikin, but when I found how costly they were, I decided t cobble something together myself. It is built out of the bottom pan of an old swamp cooler.

Hopefully we a can find another hint for next month. Until then Happy gardening!

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