Wednesday, June 3, 2015


While looking at pictures of old electric motors, there was a picture of the first motor built by Paul Gustave Froment in 1845. The design looked as though it would make an interesting model.
The flywheel was the first part. I wanted an excuse to try the new rotary table that I had received for the mini mill just a few days prior. It worked great, the table is now justified.
A image was down loaded from the Internet of a reproduction that someone had built. It was almost identical to the image of the original motor, except much clearer. The image was re sized so the the flywheel measured 2 1/2" diameter, same as the one I had machined. From there everything could be made in proportion without the need of making a drawing.
       Yesterday the final parts were completed and assembled, and of course it needed to be tested with power. Connected to a 6 volt battery it ticks over at a nice leisurely pace. Take a look at the video.

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