Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Another little replica engine of the electrical driven type. I had actually been inspired to build this one some time ago when I seen a picture on the Internet, and I did make the flywheel at that time, however it was put on hold while I built a couple ball roller machines.

The flywheel was made from 3 pieces of scrap brass machined and then soldered together. Machining the curved spokes was an interesting rotary table exercise as can be seen above.
It turned out quite nice, but as I said, was set aside while I built a couple other projects.
When I got back to it work proceeded a couple parts or operations per day. It was built by looking at a picture, only changed around so that it is not a copy, although it operates on the same principal. The base was milled out of a piece of hard Maple. Construction time, a couple days under two weeks which is pretty quick for me.
     Below is a short video so you can see it running.

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