Monday, September 21, 2015


Another workshop project has just been completed. I do not even know what it is called or what it would be used for, but for a lack of a better name I'll call it a Quadra-Hexa Thing because it has a four arm rotor on one end and six arm rotor on the other. Inspiration to build it came from looking at pictures of mechanical mechanisms. This thing uses ideas from two similar mechanisms incorporated into one.
Construction started by sawing a couple chunks out of 3/4" thick aluminum plate for the larger rotors.
Then to the rotary table on the milling machine to finish the arms.
The small rotors were milled out of solid 416 stainless steel bar. They are not very big, but time intensive because so many different surfaces requiring different setups.
The bearing standards were fabricated out of steel brazed together.
A coat of paint and a walnut base and it was finished as seen in the first picture.
It will rotate in either direction, and by turning the crank at either end. I was surprised how smooth it operates.
If nothing else I suppose it would make a good desk toy. It is fascinating to turn the cranks and watch the action.

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John Creasey said...

Beautiful! I really want to make one now. Do you have any plans?