Monday, January 28, 2008

Half Beam Engine

After building the Beam Engine that I posted yesterday, I built a Half Beam engine. I have no idea why they call the half beam, because they still use the full beam. They have also been referred to a grasshopper engines because the action somewhat resembles a grasshopper leg. It only required making two new patterns. One for the A frame on top the cylinder and one for the rear beam support.

The brickwork for the foundation was cut in the same was as for the beam engine, only on this one, after the brick red paint had dried, it was sprayed with an off white paint and immediately wiped off with a rag. This left some white in the grooves and smeared a bit on the face which gave it a rustic aged appearance that I rather like.
An advantage of making your own patterns and pouring your own castings, is that you can make them unique to your own workshop as seen if you look closely at the rear beam support.
This engine does not have a governor.
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