Monday, January 28, 2008

Unicycle Dude

At our place I try to have something of interest for every size and age of people folk, so why not a Unicycle Dude. The first picture shows a close up right after he was built. The second shows him on the high wire (cord) in one of the display buildings. One end of the cord is stationary, and the other fastened to a lever that moves up and down. That action causes his little legs to pedal that cycle as fast as he can back and forth across the building. He has pretty good sense of balance. He has only fallen of a couple times when someone bumped him.

What is not shown in the pictures is the mechanism that makes him go. Down on the wall is a little crank that is within easy reach of even little people. That crank is connected to gears and then a drive shaft up the wall to more gears and another crank and finally to the lever. You know, whatever it take to keep it mechanical. I'd post a picture, but that part does not photograph very well.

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