Sunday, November 16, 2008

Paddle Wheel Engine

The reason for building this model is that it has a valve operating mechanism that is a little different than the usual for a steam engine. The cam is forward, operated from linkages fastened to the connecting rod which keeps it out of the splash area of the wheel. Also it incorporates a triangular shaped cam, that provides a rather quick motion to the valve at each end of the stroke. Another peculiar thing about the cam is that it has such a shape that it maintains contact with both sides of the cam follower at all times.
The first 2 pictures show the cams in the process of being machined. The third picture is the finished cams in their followers prior to installation. The forth picture shows the finished model. This is not a scale model of an actual engine, it is just to demonstrate the valve motion.

And here is a little video of it running

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