Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bimba Too

After building so many engines a person starts to look for something different and unusual. A geared engine seemed to fit the bill. I have only seen one actual model, plus pictures of a couple others. I understand that they were patented by a fellow named Murray in 1908, but I have no knowledge if they were ever manufactured.
The engine employs a planetary gearing system. A point on the pitch line of the small hear generates a perfectly straight line from side to side, this eliminating the need for a cross head and connecting rod. The piston rod connects directly at that point.
This is just one of several model engines that I have built using surplus Bimba Brand pneumatic cylinders, and that is where the name came from. To add interest, it is equipped with a chain driven rotary valve and painted gaudy contrasting colors. Hope you like it.

Watch it in Action.

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