Monday, June 1, 2009

January was a busy month

After being under construction for 10 weeks, on January 9th 2009, a half scale model of a Winchester Model 1892 was completed. It is fully functional, just like a full sized one, except it cannot be shot because there are no bullets commercially available that will work in it. This is the same model as so often was used in John Wayne and Chuck Connors movies.

On January 21 a rather whimsical under hammer muzzle loading pistol was completed. I call it my Gator Gun, and by golly it has proved to be pretty effective. I have not seen a single Gator in the whole county since it was finished

The month was finished up on the 29th of January by completing a mini .22 caliber revolver. It is fully functional, but it was decommissioned so that it will not shoot bullets. I did not want to take a chance of someone getting hurt with it.

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