Monday, June 1, 2009

Fill In Engine

I had a desire for some kind of different project, and I happened across a web site in England that had instructions for building a little hand cranked box organ. After watching and listening to a number of videos of various ones playing, I placed an order for a set of instructions. But as anyone knows who has ordered anything from across the ocean, it takes time to get here. So while I was waiting I put together this little vertical engine. It did not take much because I was able to use a left over steam cylinder from the steam shovel and the flywheel is a spare belt pulley from the sawmill. It is intriguing, because it has rather different straight line motion linkage that eliminates the need for a cross head guide. The timing was perfect, I completed it march 4th just as my package from England arrived.
The organ was finished about the first of May, but that is another story, and hopefully a video of it will get posted one of these days.

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