Monday, June 1, 2009

Pedal Grinder

A hundred years ago very worthwhile piece of equipment for a farmer to own was a pedal grinder. It could be use to sharpen everything needing sharpening from sickle blades to butcher knives. When my grandfather Sorenson passed away, I was fortunate enough to inherit his grinder. He use to keep it out in the yard under the apple tree, and all us kids use to take turns pedaling it. It seemed worthy to build a model of, and so just yesterday I completed a 1/8th scale model of it.


Liz Brady said...

Hey Dad, glad to see you posting your projects again. I've seen the 3 little guns, but everything else since your bimba too is new to me. I'm looking forward to a video of your box organ, and hope to see it live at the family reunion.


Old Sneelock said...

As an amateur blacksmith I've been working on having a traditional blacksmith shop. I found a forge, anvil, post vise, and lots of hammers and tongs. The one thing that I was determined to get I just couldn't find at a price I could afford. Two years ago I finally found a grinding wheel for a treadle/pedal grinder. The frame was long gone and someone used it as a decorative part of a stone wall complete with mortor. Tonight
I stumbled on the posted picture of your model. It's similar to the frame I'm going to build for mine. When it's done I'll get to finish my blog on the old blacksmith grinder.