Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ann Arbor Hay Press

There are lots of things out there to build models of that are ever bit as interesting and intriguing as engines. Over 20 years ago while attending a antique machinery show in Belgrade Montana they were demonstrating an old Ann Arbor hay press. It caught my fancy, so I took some photographs and a bunch of measurements. About a year ago I got to thinking that I had better do something about it before I miss the chance. (I do not believe I have "another" 20 years left). It was built 1/10th size, which is kind of small to work with, but I'm running out of display space.

The hay press its self is complete and functional, but the red engine is just a little dummy decorator that I cast up and put on for looks. The drive belt is a piece of satin ribbon, that I got out of the wife's sewing stuff. Sometimes you just have to do what works. For the gears I started out with 15 pounds of steel plate. When they were completed I had 15 ounces of gears. That is not very efficient use of material, but sometimes that is the way it is with model making. If you like looking at this kind of stuff I have a couple more that I could show.

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