Saturday, February 2, 2008

Deck gun

If it were not for guys like me old man Lindsay would probably be living in the poor house, rather than in that Mansion on the hill. Another book that I bought from Lindsay Publications is reprint of a 1922 book, "Lathe Work For Beginners". It is pretty interesting if you like reading about old obsolete stuff. After it tells all about setting up and running a lathe, there is a deck gun project shown in the back. It looked interesting so I built a modified version.

It is built to be functional with a .22 barrel. It has a falling block that allows loading. The whole action slides back when it recoils just like the big ones. There are horizontal and vertical movement hand wheels. Living so far inland, I'm not exactly sure what they use deck guns for, but I believe they world work great for "Decking" dogs that poop on your lawn.

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