Saturday, February 2, 2008

Post Drill

You know, my wife and I actually have interests in common; Babies. Of course she prefers the people kind, grand babies, great grand babies, other peoples babies. Where we differ is that I prefer the mechanical kind. I seem to have this warped mind. Most often when I see a full size mechanical something or other, I have a desire to make a "baby one" of it. So I turn out babies as fast as I can work them into the schedule.

Today's baby picture is of a blacksmith post drill. The reason that they are called a post drill, is not because they were made to drill posts, but because they ware almost always mounted on a post or column the the old workshops. This one is a 2" scale model of a full size one in my collection of antiques. To give an indication of size, the base it is mounted on is 3/4" thick. I hope you like looking at it.

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Tom Lumpkins said...

I like that minature Post Drill, I have a old post drill that was made in Salam ,Oh...