Sunday, February 3, 2008

Broom Pilot

Although we live in a pretty good neighborhood, as a bit of added security I posted a Broom Pilot to cruse the yard and keep an eye on things. Don't worry she is the good kind, only casts good spells.
Soon as I got her up the dear old 80 plus year old world war two air force veteran from across the street came over and informed me that the broom engine was a Kenner 5, and then he wondered why the push rods and rocker arms were not vibrating like they should. I could not tell him, I don't know much about broom engines.

For a little background, the tubing parts are conduit, and all the sheet metal was salvaged from a clothes drier. That is good stuff. It is plentiful, it is a nice thickness to work with, and it has been treated so it does not start rusting as soon as it is placed out in the weather. Everything that moves does so on ball bearings. The propeller shaft is the rear hub and axle from a 10 speed bike, and the whole thing swivels on pedal bearings, from the same bike. The face was the most difficult part. It was formed by pounding the metal on a piece of thick rubber on the anvil. The hair was a snap; I just cut strips in metal and then styled it like a beautician. Would you like your hair styled?

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